Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rachel goes to the Dentist

Now that I'm using this blog as a way to document the kids lives I remember to take my camera everywhere and take pictures..weird huh? I was really big on pictures with Lilah and took bunches of pictures of her on a daily basis, then with Rachel I would just be to busy and forget. I'm determented to not be lazy about taking pictures of the kids anymore. So here are some of Rachel at the dentist yesterday.

Here is the before meds picture:

See her little sassy self! She did really good with the med. It was soooo funny she was just like a drunk person. She couldn't sit up, she was laughing and smiling at everything. It made her real chill. She just laid back and went back with them with no problem at all!
After med picture:

You can really tell she's happy! She looks as high as a kite to me! HAHA!

We didn't get any pictures of her immediately after, because she came out and she was upset. She didn't like having her teeth worked on. She was crying and biting her lip. It felt funny to her and she couldn't fill it hurting so she was biting away. I had to spend time keeping her from not biting the darn thing off I couldn't take pictures.

Here are some of after she finally quit biting her lip and went to sleep!
                                                       biting on a gauze instead of her lip!!

I can't believe she did that to herself!! This by far, was the most stressful part!! Man, no more sippy cups for my kids!! Geez!

A bonus picture of Andy and Addison!!


  1. Hi! I LOVE your blog and the name is just fantastic! Fits perfectly! :)